Become a Proficient Python Programmer with Python Data Analysis Course

Python data science certification program has been designed to equip you with all the expertise, that will help you in developing flawless Python programming skills.


7 Modules

Completion Time

5 months (5-7 hours per week)



Python Data Science Course

Become a Pro Python Programmer with Pickl

Framework of Python Data Science Course

Python is a highly versatile and high-level programming language that has multiple applications. It has intuitive syntax and advanced functionality. Python finds applications in web development, data analysis, software development, and automation of tasks. Learning Python with a data science course is going to catalyse your professional growth chart.

Comprehending the multifaceted application of Python, Pickl has designed this unique Python data science course. Expertise in Python will give you an edge over conventional programming language.

Python is powerful and productive. Pickl’s Python certification has been developed to help you become an expert programmer, the one who is well-versed with the theoretical aspect of programming and also excles in its application on the ground level.

Machine Learning Certification Key Features

A complete immersive learning experience

Instructors who are expert and proficient data scientists

Python project after the completion of the project

Placement assistance and career guidance

Python Programming Table of Content

Introduction to Python

  • Overview of this module
  • Why python?
  • Its applications
  • Companies that are using python
  • Python libraries used in data science
  • IDE, installation of anaconda, Jupyter notebook + google colab

Basics of Python

  • Variables and data types
  • Python tokens: keywords, identifiers, literals and operators
  • Loops - for & while
  • Conditional statement

In built Data Structures in Python

  • List
  • Tuples
  • Set
  • Dictionary


  • Formatting strings
  • Common Methods:-
  • Lower(),upper(),split(),join() capitalize(), isalpha(),isspace(),isdigit(),find(), replace()

List and Dictionary Comprehension

  • List comprehension
  • Dictionary comprehension


  • Basics of function
  • Local and Global variables
  • Nested functions
  • Generators
  • Lambda functions

Object Oriented Programming

  • Classes and objects
  • Constructor and destructors
  • Inheritance, Encapsulation & Polymorphism

Working with Files

  • Open, create, write, append

Exception Handling

  • What is exception handling?
  • raising exception
  • try and except


  • Introduction to Numpy
  • Array, ndarray
  • List vs array
  • Creating an array, matrix and ndarray
  • Shape, size, resize and transpose of arrays


  • Arithmetic operations on arrays/li>
  • Indexing and slicing of array/li>
  • Joining & splitting of arrays/li>
  • Adding, removing, and sorting elements/li>
  • Iterating over arrays/li>
  • zeros(),ones(),arrange(),linspace()


  • Overview of pandas - its applications
  • Series
  • Dataframe: creating DF from list,dict,tuples,csv
  • Indexing and selecting data
  • Filtering dataframe
  • Concatenating and merging
  • Grouping and aggregating data
  • reshaping, stacking and pivot tables
  • filling missing data
  • Operations on dataframe - mean(), median(), mode(), std(),lambda etc. Iteration through rows
  • Categorical data
  • Working with time series data
  • Descriptive statistics in pandas


  • Introducing visualization libraries: matplotlib,seaborn and Plotly
  • Histogram
  • Bar graph
  • Box plot
  • Line plot
  • Scatter Plot
  • Pie chart

Installation of VS Code

  • Writing basic programs and running them from compiler
    (Input values from compiler)

Python project

Why Python Learning Program?

Pickl’s Python Programming course has been developed to offer a completed learning experience that covers this programming language's theoretical and practical application. With the industry experts as your instructors, you get exposure to the best programming practices and expertise to make you a proficient Python programmer.

  1. Become an expert Python programmer
  2. Boost your resume with a Python project
  3. Get complete support and guidance
  4. Good opportunity to learn from the industry experts

Start it Right With Pickl

Enhancing the knowledge base is pivotal to having professional excellence. Learning the core concepts of data science will make you an expert in it. The Python programming course has been structured to complement your data science learning module, enhancing maximum benefit.

To learn Python with data science and to enrol in this program, connect with Pickl today.

Frequently asked questions

To become an expert in data science, you must have proficiency in a programming language. The Python and data science course by Pickl have been designed to provide the learner with complete knowledge and expertise to become a Python data science expert. If you wish to learn another programming language along with Python, you can choose to learn R.

Programming language plays an integral role in enhancing your learning pace of data science. Python data science course by Pickl has been designed to provide the best learning experience that is coupled with a Python project to help the learner understand the applicability of data science.

Python is an easy-to-learn programming language. When you enrol for the Python for data science certification course, you get the expertise to a more comprehensive learning experience backed by practical applicability.

There is an ongoing debate on which is better, Python or Excel. Excel is a powerful tool, but Python will upgrade your knowledge in data science and help you understand analytics workflow.
Data Science is a field in great demand, and so is the need for professionals who have expertise in fundamental aspects of Python and its application. For any aspiring data scientist, knowledge of Python is always beneficial. You can join the Python and data science course with Pickl. Here, you will get exposure to Python and data science concepts in the realm of real-world applicability. Learn Python for data analysis with Pickl. .
Learning is an ongoing process. While the Python data science program by Pickl equips you with the knowledge and expertise in Python, you have to regularly hone your skills by coding using Python. The Python for data analysis course is for 7-8 hours that has been divided into different modules covering all the aspects of Python.
Both SQL and Python has highly acclaimed programming language, and if you want to begin your career as data science professional having expertise in the right programming language plays a significant role. The developers use SQL and Python, but there is a line of difference between the two. While the developer uses SQL to access and extract the data, Python is used for data analysis by running several tests like time series tests, regression tests, etc. When it comes to the application part, then Python has more applications compared to SQL. Moreover, Python uses programming libraries, unlike SQL, which uses functions.
Python is one of the most sought-after programming languages. Over the years, it has become one of the most demanded skills from programmers. So, if you have expertise in Python for data science, you will fetch a great package. As per PayScale, a fresher can earn an average salary of ₹4,27,293 per annum, and the maximum amount can reach up to ₹1,000,000 per annum. Hence, acquiring expertise in this programming language will always be great when it comes to salary.
The key difference between the two is the syntax. Python is an English-based syntax, and coding using Python is easy. Conversely, Java uses complex syntax and requires more lines of code. However, proficiency in either programming language depends on how well you use these languages. Java or Python, making the right choice can be challenging, as both these programming languages find multiple applications.
If you are venturing as a data scientist, it is important to learn the programming language to make it easier for you to understand data science and allied concepts. It’s the choice of the learner whether they want to go ahead with Python or R. But there is a line of difference between the two. The mathematicians and statisticians prefer R, whereas computer scientists and software engineers go for Python. End of the day, it boils down to your preference.
Well, it’s a matter of your choice, but when you plan to become an expert in a programming language, you must take the right step every time. To begin your journey as a successful data scientist, you must first learn Python, followed by SQL. With you will learn how to manipulate SQL. Once you have gained proficiency, you can start with R.
You can start learning at any age. There is no age bar for it. However, you must practice coding regularly. Nowadays, companies are hiring freelancers. So, if you wish to learn Python at 45, you can register yourself with the Pickl freshers’ program and start your learning journey.
Both these technologies are actively used, but when it comes to the pay scale, the applicability of Python in AI and machine learning is more than Java. Hence, there are better job opportunities, thus ensuring good pay.
Yes, there is no doubt about it. Since Python is an actively used programming language, it finds applications across the industry spectrum. So, if you are a fresher or a working professional, you can join the Python programming course. Pickl offers courses for both freshers (Dabbler) and working professionals (apprentice). You can pick the one based on your knowledge base.
The internet is flooded with options where you can surf through videos and start your learning journey, but if you want to become an expert, enrolling on a good course is significant. You can choose Pickl, where you will get a free demo class, and then switch to the premium learning module.
The average salary of a Python developer in India starts at an average of ₹4,27,293 per annum, and the maximum amount can reach up to ₹1,000,000 per annum.
It is under an OSI-approved open-source license. Thus, it is open to all and is free.
It is the program that determines whether the program will be as a whole, or only certain sections of the program will run.
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