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For 10 years TransOrg Analytics has recruited the brightest talent from the best campuses, however while training them we noticed something peculiar. These promising young students with exceptional analytical abilities, and theoretical knowledge couldn’t apply these skills to solve a real life business problem. To address the same, we designed a two months accelerated Data Science training program for our new hires, the results were stunning. The young professionals who were fazed by the volume of data, were now in love with it, to say the least.

The observation was just an indication of something wrong, and soon we realised what it was. The majority courses which promise to teach Data Science, teach it rather theoretically, and fail to paint the larger picture. Only a practitioner can paint a larger picture of how tools, algorithms and techniques come together to solve a problem using Data Science. Data Science in these courses was taught as an end in itself, whereas we, the practitioners, know that it is a means to lead to better, faster problem solving.

Hence Pickl.AI came into being to bridge the gap between Data Science skills required to actually solve a business problem and the Data Science currently being taught by a myriad of online courses.

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student feedback
student feedback
Kashvi Verma

Technology has always been my inclination. Enthusiasts like me will certainly find the artificial intelligence and Data Science course to be the best learning experience. From teaching methodology to course modules, it’s a winner for me and for anyone who is willing to learn the foundations of data science, artificial intelligence, Data Science, and machine learning. Overall I can say that my Data Science certificate online learning journey has been amazing.

student feedback
Shivangi Kochhar

Learning is all about implementation, and that’s what I can say about Pickl.AI. The big data online course entails all the details of Data Science, AI, and machine learning. The program focussed on more interactive sessions than a one-sided lecturing system. Moreover, the assistance offered during the course by the faculty has proven to be a bonus in my learning phase. So I can say that it is one of the best data analytics courses in India.

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